Thank you for considering Prisma Dance! Please select the appropriate tab for the proper help and steps to get started!

Registration: First Time! (Including Free trial!)

The first class is free! Please register before coming to your trial class. You will receive a Trial Confirmation email within three days (excluding Sunday) with parking info, what your dancer should wear and other general info. When you come to your trial class, please introduce yourself to the teacher (they should be expecting you). Please DO NOT purchase a uniform, until after your free trial and we confirm your enrollment. You will not be billed until after your free trial and after you receive an Enrollment Confirmation email.

Before taking your free trial you must sign the liability waiver and give it to the teacher at class. The waiver form will be in your Trial Confirmation email.

To Register:

1) Select your location and go through the registration process

2) Receive Trial confirmation email – attend trial class
3) Receive Enrollment Confirmation – the final steps to finish the registration process will be in this email; all fees will be due after your receive this email. (Once you have done your trial class and you receive this email, you can decide to opt out of signing up!)
Once we have confirmed you took your trial and your class placement you will receive an Enrollment Confirmation email, which will include all fees (and due by date), information and the final steps you need to complete to get started with us!

Registration: Returning Family

If you have been unenrolled from classes at any point for any length of time, you will have to pay the registration fee of $30. Please email us at to recover your account!

Registration: Adding Classes

If you already have a Prisma account and are actively enrolled in a class but you are interested in adding more classes/genres please follow the steps below;

Go to – log into your account – go to the “Enroll” tab – select the location you desire – select the correct child (automatically selects only children) – click the enroll or wait list button – wait for an Enrollment Confirmation email from Prisma – All set to attend class – mail in/pay tuition fee

Registration: Dropping Out of Classes

Please email us at by the 20th of the month before you wish to stop classes.

If it is a sudden urgent need to drop out, please email us ASAP!

If you have not notified us via email on the 1st of the month when we process payments, tuition is non-refundable.


Updating Other Info:

Please log into your account and find the desired area you would like to update and enter the new information, please be sure to apply/save it to be sure it updates.



For More Information please CLICK HERE!