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Program & Classes

Prisma Dance Program

Prisma Dance Program offers two tracks.  Each track begins with foundational level classes and advances to build technique upon a perspective that uses dance as an expression of worship unto the Lord.  The Facets Track offers intro to advanced level classes for each of the dance genres, each facet remaining independent of the other genres.  The Spectrum Track is a multifaceted track building a curriculum of classes from Ruby to Amethyst level, integrating multiple dance genres and developing excellence through heart, mind, body and spirit.

Facets Track

This track is for students just starting their dance years and students of all ages who enjoy dance as an extracurricular activity.  Joy of movement, artistry and performance presentation are the main goals of these fun and engaging classes.

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Spectrum Track

This track is for students desiring to work towards a higher level of excellence in all aspects of dance (technique, character and leadership).  In addition to ballet study, students in this track will take other dance forms and classes to become more versatile and expressive dancers.  The focus of these levels is to foster an excellent well-rounded dancer through growth of the heart, mind, body, and spirit.

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Private Lessons

For those inquiring for Private coaching please contact us at prismdance@gmail.com or call 224-9462.

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